Projects for the Dutch Delta Commissioner

  • Member the Early Warning Group of the Delta Programme, advisory group of the Dutch Delta Commissioner (2017 – present)
  • Strategic advisor for the Staff Delta Commissioner: analysing assumptions underlying the organisation of the Dutch Delta Programme (2022 – present)
  • Author of scientific publication about the work of the Delta Programme and Early Warning Group (2018)

Projects for the Dutch Safety Board (OVV)

  • Team member Investigation Flight Route, Flight Malaysia Airlines MH17 (2014-2015): among which an investigation of the risk assessment practice in the aviation sector
  • Trainer Foresight and Uncertain Risks

Projects for the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

  • Contributor to the scientific audit of the RIVM-Centre for Environmental Quality (2023)
  • Member of Expert Group Early Warning Environmental Health Risks (2016)
  • Advisor for the Public Health Foresight (VTV) (2012)

Projects for the Open University (Heerlen)

  • Course developer ‘Environmental Problems: crossing boundaries between science, policy and society’ (2011)

(with Willemijn Tuinstra)

Projects for Connecting Delta Cities

  • Co-Organisator Conference Climate Adaptation with experts and representatives of the cities New York, Jakarta and London

Projects for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (DG P&I)

  • Advisor and Process Moderator ‘Trendanalysis and Scenario Planning’ (2013)
  • Advisor and Process Moderator ‘Creating Synthesis of different Departmental Visions’ (2013)
  • Trainer Future-Oriented Organizational Thinking and Acting

(with Silke de Wilde)

Projects for the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)

  • Researcher ‘Using Scenarios for Environmental, Nature and Spatial Planning Policy’ (2019)
  • Researcher ‘Making Scenarios for Environmental, Nature and Spatial Planning Policy’ (2019)
  • Researcher ‘Horizonscan Welfare and Living Environment 2050’ (2013)
  • Researcher ‘Policy Evaluation Water as part of the State of the Living Environment’ (2011)

Projects for Radboud University

  • Author of the publication ‘Shaping future perspectives in policy advice under deep, long-term uncertainty. The case of the Dutch Delta Committee’. Futures (2021) (with Sietske Veenman)
  • Coordinator and Lecturer of the Course Sustainable Intervention Methods for the Dept. of Geography, Policy and Environment (2018-2019)
  • Member of PhD Committee (2018)

 Projects for the European Environment Agency (Copenhagen)

  • Advisor co-production and co-publication EEA EIONET FLIS network of European foresight experts (2015)

(with Willemijn Tuinstra)

Projects for the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)

  • Advisor, Trainer, and Process Moderator ‘Scenarios for the SVB Audit Department’ (2014)
  • Advisor, Trainer and Process Moderator ‘SVB Foresight 2013-2031’ (2013)
  • Advisor, Trainer and Process moderator ‘SVB roadmapping’ (2013)

(with Silke de Wilde)

Projects for Knowledge for Climate (KvK)

  • Researcher ‘Relationships between perceived flood risk, problem ownership and household and business adaptation choices’ (Risk perception)
  • Researcher ‘Living with Water: Limits to Public Participation’ (GAP) (2006-2008)
  • Researcher ‘Living with Water: Awareness for Safety’ (AVV) (2007-2010)
  • Researcher ‘NOP-Water/IRMA-SPONGE: Integrated water management strategies for the Rhine and Meuse in a changing environment’

Project for Bureau Tijd & Ruimte

  • Advisor and Process Moderator ‘Foresight The Future of Green Education in 2030 for ROC West-Brabant en Prinsentuin College’ (2016)
  • Process Moderator Strategic Conference for the Green Delta Metropole (2016)

Project for DEN Knowledge Institute Culture and Digitalization

  • Process designer and scenario developer ‘The cultural audiences of the future’ (with Freija van Duijne) (2020)
  • Author of the publication ‘The method behind foresight: stay relevant in a rapidly changing world’ (2020)

Projects for the University of Manchester (UoM)

  • Advisor for the ESRC-project ‘Mimesis in Action: decommissioning as conceptual playground for societal and ecological future making’ (September 2022 – September 2026).
  • Strategic advice on foresight methodology and proces design

Principle Investigator – Dr. Petra Tjitske Kalshoven (UoM)

Projects for the Dutch National Science Foundation

  • Post-Doc NWO-GaMON: Planning Nature & Landscape – Under what conditions does expertise impede or enhance collective policy-making? (with Prof. dr. Maarten Hajer) (2009-2010)
  • PhD Student NWO-Innovation Impulse: How professional futurists produce insights about the future  (with Prof. dr. ir. Marjolein van Asselt) (2000-2005)

Projects for the Municipality of Zaanstad

  • Advisor and Trainer ‘Foresight and Scenarios for the Environmental Vision’ (2017)
  • Co-author publication ‘Foresight and Scenarios for the Environmental Vision’ (2018)

(with Freija van Duijne)

Projects for Deltares

  • Researcher ‘Development Early Warning System for adaptive delta management of the Dutch Delta Programme’ (2017)
  • Advisor Delta Scenarios: Goals and Values investigation (2011)

 Projects for the Dutch Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs

  • Advisor and Process Moderator ‘Foresight Migration Management 2030’

Projects for the School of Foresight 

Trainer (2014 – 2018):

  • Monitoring potential future change
  • Building scenarios
  • Backcasting
  • Foresight Methodology

Projects for the Municipality of Nijmegen

  • Advisor and Trainer ‘Futures Thinking’ (2021-2022)

(with Sietske Veenman & Simone Haarbosch, Radboud University)